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We offer authentic cheesecakes prepared using at least 65% cream cheese. Since these products are frozen, they can be stored for 12 months from the date of manufacture. Our cheesecake has fewer calories than normal cheesecake and is a great source of calcium, in which it is easy to become deficient. We’ve worked with local manufacturers to create flavors that suit Japanese tastes, and we are proud to supply them in a manner that affords maximum ease of use, for example by pre-slicing them, so that restaurants can easily serve them as dessert items.

Photo Cheesecake photo [NY Cheesecake]
Our New York style cheesecake contains more than 65% of cream cheese and it's additive-free(No artificial color, No artificial flavor, No preservative). It's rich and creamy, but it's refreshing. You will enjoy our pre cut cake and it's ready to serve!
Cheesecake photo [Green Tea Swirl]
You can enjoy Green Tea flavor with our NY cheesecake. We use Green tea powder from Japan and it's almost like Japan meet west type of cake.
Cheesecake photo [Chocolate Swirl]
You can enjoy 2 flavor - Chocolate and NY cheesecake in one cake. Rich chocolate flavor surprizingly matches with cheesecake and it's delicious!
Cheesecake photo [Cappuccino]
Refreshing Coffee flavor meet with rich, creamy NY cheesecake and made wonderful matches. You won't forget your first bite!
Bland Sonoma Valley
Specifications Plain Number of slices : 12 (Weight:1,000g)
Flavored Number of slices : 16 (Weight:890g)
Plain :
・・・ Cream cheese, sugar, eggs, lemon juice, vanilla essence, flour
Green tea :
・・・ Cream cheese, sugar, eggs, vanilla essence, flour, powdered green tea
Chocolate :
・・・ Cream cheese, sugar, eggs, vanilla essence, flour, chocolate, milk
Cappuccino :
・・・ Cream cheese, sugar, eggs, vanilla essence, flour, coffee
Secrets to the popularity of our products...

Additive-free (no artificial colors, preservatives, or other additives) / High cheese content for a rich, moist, smooth taste /
Very popular at a famous restaurant in San Francisco / Few ingredients and no separation or flavor loss, even after repeated freeze/thaw cycles /
An extremely popular product with all customers, regardless of age or gender!